Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Oven Is Getting A Workout

image37Okay, I had better come clean now - while I can tell it the way it should be told - because sooner or later you are going to hear about it. Spencer (a.k.a. blabbermouth) has already told Owen, his friends at school, the carpenter and anyone who will listen.

Here's what happened:

As a busy mom of 4 who just moved into a new house that is still under construction, I don't have a lot of spare time. Plus, it is October which means 3 kid birthdays in 24 days! The cake request for birthday number 1 was a Bionicle cake and I have to tell you my heart was not in this one. But, I trudged along anyway. Laney and I made the cake (from scratch) and while she napped I made the marshmallow fondant, tinted the fondant, and made the butter cream. It wasn't until Sam got home at 7:30pm that I started to assemble the cake. I baked the cake in a 9X13 so I could cut it up and make the different facets of the robotic creature's head. Owen watched as I cut, stacked and shaped the cake and tried to crumb coat it with frosting. Looking back, the crumb coating was the beginning of the end. The pieces I cut were small and the frosting that was just a bit too thick and kept pulling up chunks of cake. I manged to get things put together so it looked decent, but then real disaster struck. In my haste I forgot to put the cake on a piece of cardboard, so when I tried to pick up the cake to move it to the plate kablooey - it crumbled apart. Fortunately, Owen had already gone to bed and did not witness this disaster especially since what came next was pure ugly.

It was then that I took the cake that I had spent every minute of my free time making and angrily hucked it into the sink. The cake splattered up and hit the window. I admit I was upset and it was unfortunate that it did not happen 5 minutes later when Spencer was already in bed, but it was not like I planned to throw the cake. I was just so frustrated with myself.

By the time it was cleaned up and I had a little "time out" it was 8:45pm, so I quickly got to work and baked another cake - rounds this time - and made some more butter cream. Owen was a bit disappointed to learn of the fate of his cake, but when he saw that he was still getting a cake he was fine.

So there you have it. The carpenter is now afraid of me and what I might throw at him. I'm sure when we are all sitting around the Thanksgiving table in 15 years Spencer will be telling of the evening I threw the cake. So, if nothing else, it makes for a good story.


Mrs Furious said...

And what a beautiful range it is!!!! I am more than a little jealous... especially since my brand spanking new Jenn Air is already broken!

have you seen the Cake Wrecks site yet? Hilarious.

Kathy said...

AWWWWWWW! I am so sorry to hear that you are being put in time out! LOL!

Your cakes always turn out wonderful though. I have great faith in your abilities!

I wish I lived near you, so that I could come and watch you decorate! I haven't taken anymore cake decorating classes since the first one.


Your oven is BEAUTIFUL!