Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday #1: The Kick Off, Or Should I Say Throw Off?


Yesterday we celebrated Owen's 5th birthday and like most children's birthdays it was commemorated several times throughout the day. Fruit snacks and a sheet of stickers wrapped up with a birthday message were this year's peanut-free alternative to cupcakes.

Penaut Free Class Treat Alternative to Cupcakes

Our party at home included opening presents (with lots of help from Laney):

image53-1 image51

Followed by a meal of his choice: chicken nuggets (not really his favorite, but he wanted Spencer to be included), pineapple, beans and a Bionicle cake. Yes, this year he wanted a vanilla Bionicle cake. Apparently the days of train cakes are long gone and I made the mistake of asking what he wanted. Since he is into Star Wars and Legos, I was thinking R2D2, or a Lego brick. He was thinking a Bionicle and boy was I surprised when he wanted the "biomechanical" Lego toy recreated in cake. Not really having thought it through, I agreed and wound up being very sorry. So, here it is the best Bionicle cake I could make:


Nope, it's not one of my best, but he liked it. Yep, it's supposed to be all bumpy on that side - it's the "evil" side and the eyes were shimmery.


The cake pictured above is actually the second cake I made because I threw the first one -- really, I hucked it. More on that later.

At the end of the day, Owen had a great birthday with only one exception - he was disappointed that the festivities were over so soon.


Leeann said...

Happy birthday, Owen!! It sounds like you had a great day...ALL day long!!

My ten year old had his birthday party last night- a sleep over. You know what? Ten year old boys are very sweet. They are self sufficient but don't get into trouble. Good age!

Good to see you blogging more, Heather. Gotta feed my addiction! lol


Blog a Blurb said...

Such a gorgeous child -- good times.
What a month! One more in just two days. Yahoo! Wonder what cake challenge she will present!

Kathy said...

SEE! I knew it would turn out!

And your adorable son was a happy camper!