Saturday, October 18, 2008

Think Pink


Laney celebrated her 3rd birthday yesterday and it was pink, flowery and sparkly and she loved it. We have a tradition of decorating after the birthday child goes to sleep so he/she wakes to balloons, streamers and banners. We of course did the same for Laney and this year it was a sea of pink. When she walked down the stairs yesterday morning I could hear her jumping up and down saying "yeah, yeah, yeah". She had a great day with some play time at an indoor playground, lunch out, a bath with a new ballerina Barbie, and an evening with family, food, cake and presents.


One of the best parts of the evening was watching the boys try to help Laney with her new princess accessories. At one point, they were discussing what to do with something they hadn't seen before - a pair of clip-on earrings. Spencer thought they might slip into her hair and Owen thought maybe they clipped onto her clothes. With a little help they made sure she was all decked out.


This year Laney had a few less presents to open because she took it upon herself to open the box of gifts sent by her Grandma Nette, Pops and Aunt Anna while I was in the shower Thursday. I got out of the shower and she excitedly came running over and said, "look at my new Pony!" I knew exactly what she had done, but hoped she hadn't opened Spencer's too. She had and the little rascal had even thrown the paper away.




I must admit the new pony did come in handy when I was working on her cake. She was trying to "help", so I suggested she have a pony party. She ran upstairs, collected her other ponies, came downstairs, lined them up and like a little girl with two older brothers said, "Ponies, start your engines!".


I finished her cake with no time to spare, but only after another disaster. Laney selected a Barbie cake for the birthday cake after falling in love with the ones she had seen at the grocery store. I baked the sour cream chocolate cake Thursday and in the evening I tried to put the barbie in the middle and, not having been a Barbie kind of girl, I had no idea Barbie had hips. When I tried to push her into the cake her hips split my top layer and sent me to "time out" once again. It was back to the mixer again and, no, I didn't throw this one. Fortunately I had bought a special Wilton doll just in case. The second doll worked perfectly and the cake was just what she wanted - pink, flowery and sparkly thanks to a little shimmer dust.

Barbie Cake 4

Barbie Cake 5

Barbie Cake 3

I am thankful I only have one more cake to go and I'm hoping that the third time is a charm and not three strikes and I'm out.


Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, children! I was trying to figure out who your little girl looks like and decided she looks like Drew Barrymore did in ET! Your such a good mama making those birthday cakes!

Girls Next Door said...

Just checked in to the site to search for your banana bread recipe and found new postings! We miss all of the October birthday activity in Ann Arbor, and we think of you and the kids often. Kelsey is so excited to see Pony Passion in Laney. Your kitchen is incredible!

Niki said...

Heather, I absolutely love the cake. I must make one for Sela this spring. Send me along how you pulled it off! Great to see you the other day! I do Chelsea on Tues and Weds. Let me know when you will be around and I may bop by!

Mrs Furious said...

She is really starting to look like you. Red hair to boot!

Kathy said...


Laney is so cute in her princess outfit! It's funny that the boys didn't know what to do with the clip-on earrings.

Her cake turned out GREAT! You are one talented girl!

Off Topic - you really should sign up to bake for the soldiers over at They are looking for more team members to bake in this round. The boxes will be mailed out the last week of October. I really enjoyed doing it last month, and have signed up again this month! Hope to see you there!

Leeann said...

She is such a doll. Truly!

And I am so glad you are back to blogging again.
Wait! Have I already said that?
Yep, I think I have..because I *mean* it!


Kathryn said...

Are you SERIOUS????? You made that? It is so pretty it doesn't even LOOK like cake! I can't believe it! WOW!!!!!
What a beautiful little angel you have. So pretty. And I love how the boys were all trying to help her. So sweet.

I was looking at your older posts and MAN, you have a gorgeous family!!!

MKHKKH said...

I love the pigtails! Is her hair turning red too? :) I should have told you to use the Wilton barbie. If you are going to use a real one you wrap the legs in plastic wrap. She turned out so cute! I bet Laney just loved it. She is one cute little princess.

Blog a Blurb said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! And quite the workout for oven and mom! What a great feast of photos!

Aimee said...

Ok, those pigtails are just too much! And that cake is just beautiful! I don't know how you do it but you've got some talent.

Anonymous said...

And what an adorable birthday girl!

Dolly said...

Happy PINK Birthday Princess Laney!

That cake is beautiful!

Hugz, Dolly

Julie said...

How Sweet! What a wonderful birthday..