Sunday, September 23, 2007

Livin' Large

I'm livin' large to thanks to Kari who passed along the "You Lift Me Up" award. Kari is so sweet and has a WONDERFULLY funny blog called Just Livin' Large. I can't imagine that you haven't been there yet, but just in case...head on over.

In honor of Kari who is from Texas, Spencer and I decided to make a family favorite - Texas Beer Bread. This recipe is so easy, he did all of the measuring and mixing and all I had to do was man the oven. Make yourself a loaf and head over to Kari's blog and have a look.

Texas Beer Bread

Spencer's Super Easy Beer Bread

3 cups self rising flour (if you don't have self rising flour, you can use 3 cups of regular flour, 3 tsp of baking powder and 1 1/2 tsp of salt)

1/4 cups of sugar

1 can of Lite beer

1 egg, beaten

1 tablespoon water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine flour and sugar in a bowl; add beer and mix until blended. Pour into a coated loaf pan. Combine egg and water and brush loaf with egg wash (we skipped this this time). Let the loaf rise 10 minutes and then put into oven for 40 to 45 minutes. Serve with butter. It makes good toast the next day, if there is anything left.


Terri and Bob said...

How funny! I posted a beer bread recipe, too!!

Your recipe sounds wonderful. I am definitely enjoying your site!

Julie said...

Beer Bread!!! I used to make this all the time - yummy!!!...but NOT on my diet..ha hah

restyled home said...

This sounds, and looks, delicious!! You are such a sweet mum to your always seem to be doing something fun and creative with them.
Again, I wish I was your neighbour, so I could come over for a cup of coffee and some of that yummy bread...we'd have fun!!


Kari said...

Hey, I'm honored! Beer bread, huh? This recipe looks easy enough that maybe even I could do it. I hate to get my hopes up, of course. Much less the hopes of my family. Although they are fairly used to my kitchen disasters by now...

But I digress. Thanks for the mention and the Beer Bread Baking. Tell Spencer that, since he recommends it, I will give it a try. And if looks even halfway decent, I'll post a picture (but don't count on it looking decent, okie-dokie?). I'm not the chef that Spencer obviously is! Thanks again for your kind words!

su-quinn said...

hey,my name's su-quinn and i just came across your blog from Kari''s blog and i was wondering,what is a lite beer?will any type of beer work as well?

Splaneyo said...

Su-quinn -
Glad you stopped by. To answer your question, many beer makers make a "lite" version of their beer: Miller, Budweiser, Natural ice (aka Natty Ice in our house). You can use any beer you like, but i would not use an expensive beer, nor would I use anything too strong like a pale ale. Just regular old American can of beer works best. Hope I answered your question - let me know if I can be of any more help.

Laura said...

We make this all the time in dutch ovens while camping. I have found the best beer to use is Corona. It is SOOOO Yummy!!!
Now I am going to have to go make me some!

happy zombie said...

This looks YUM! I'm always sold on a recipe when I see "easy" as one of the words! THanks!