Monday, September 24, 2007

The Results


This was really fun - thank you again for all of your comments. I wish I knit faster - I 'd send you all one! After entering the numbers into the random number generator thingie, the winner is 22 - Kim at ScrapToMyLu / Creative Blogs. When you have a minute, please e-mail me with your address and choice of color and I'll send you your purse.

Because of her amazing response to this little giveaway, Kari please e-mail me with your address to receive your I Didn't Win and I Really Wanted To Consolation Prize.


Kari said...

Kim won my purse, huh? Ah well. I'm sure she'll be very happy with it. I'll head on over to say congratulations to her before I break down and shed my tears. lol Loved the giveaway, it was fun. I'll send you my address, but believe me when I say, playing along with this was gift enough! (Although, yeah, the purse would have been nice...but I'm okay, really. I'm fine. I've lost before. I'll lose again. It's basically second nature to me. It's good. Carry on. Tell Kim to take a picture of herself carrying my, I mean, HER purse....). I kid! I kid! I'm actually very happy for her! Thanks for the fun!

Becka said...

Awww man, I didn't win but I reallly wanted to. Congrats kerri and Kim!

Terri and Bob said...

Congrats, Kim!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, congrats Kim! Lucky girl!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm sorry Kari.......I'll think of you everytime I use it.

Thank you for the purse. I can't wait to get it!!!!

Sue said...

Lucky Kim for winning your adorable purse! Thanks for stopping by. You might want to go back to Sheryl's blog and see a few of the interior pictures, I think you will enjoy them.