Friday, September 21, 2007

He Talks To The Animals

Have you seen those deer repellent systems that attach to your car and emit an ultrasonic sound to scare them away? In contrast, I think Owen has some sort of "system" that causes animals to seek him out. We constantly have cats following us when waking Spencer to school, dogs looking out windows "roughing' at him, squirrels chattering at's amazing.

Yesterday, Owen came in the back door and said he needed to wash his hands because he just touched a bird. Yes, a bird! After a brief discussion about why we do not touch birds, we headed outside to find this little sweetie.

Little Sweetie 2

Little Sweetie 3

We gave her some fresh water and thistle; she could fly a bit and she was eating and drinking, so other than keeping our fingers crossed there was not much more we could do. Owen was terribly concerned for her and kept telling her to find her mama, like she was a lost little girl.

Little Sweetie 1

It would not surprise me if Owen decided to become a veterinarian to help little creatures when he is older because he really does talk to the animals - literally.


Kari said...

He's a sweetie, isn't he? And yes, I'm talking about Owen, not the bird. Although the bird is pretty sweet looking, too.

Mary said...

Aawww, how sweet!

restyled home said...

How sweet! I don't blame him for fussing over the bird...she's awfully cute!!!

Susie Q said...

Now this is a sweetie after my own heart. I was like that as a kid and worried my parents to death. They once found me in a field with my Grandpa's bull. Uh huh. The bull. But, for some reason, he seemed to know I meant to harm and was a friend. I think your Owen is like that...the birdie is so sweet...and your Owen is a WONDERFUL kid. Give him a big hug for me.

Thimbleanna said...

What sweet photos! And lucky little Owen -- perhaps he has a gift!

Leeann said...

It is so fun to see what our kids' talents are and how they will use them as they grow older. I call my middle son "The Pied Piper" because young children follow him like he is playing a magical flute. Even kids who come to play with Trey end up drawn to Chris!
It is so sweet how Owen was being so caring and tender.

cammyk said...

So sweet and great photos. BTW, I tried the roasted butternut squash lasagna and it was DELISH! Thanks for sharing!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh what beautiful, close-up photos!! Just gorgeous!

Splaneyo said...

Cammy -
I'm glad you liked the lasagne - it is one of my favorites.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Oh, that bird is so sweet!