Monday, June 25, 2007

Michigan Rose

Michigan Rose

Happy Birthday Mom & Monty! It's true, my mother and father-in-law share a birthday. For the occasion, I thought I would post a picture of a flower from our garden. Since most people have a hard time growing roses in Michigan, I have renamed this prolific orange lily The Michigan Rose. Enjoy the rose - we are thinking of you both.


Leeann said...

Gorgeous lily. We have the same exact ones out in our backyard and I look forward to them blooming every year.

I am so jealous that you are close enough to visit Chicago every few months. What fun! So far I think my favorite thing has been the Crown fountain. That is just the coolest thing! My kids would love it.
We are going to have to bring them here.

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments!
I'll eat some Garrett's for ya.

chikako said...

What a beautiful photo! What type of camera do you use? I'd love to take photos like this one! I love your blog. Lots of colors and creativity! Your kids are adorable! Thanks.