Thursday, May 31, 2007

Take My Breath Away

Pink Poppy 2

No, I don't mean in the Top Gun Berlin love song kind of way - I mean the stop and stare sort of way. So lovely that you want to take in every detail. You know, the kind of beauty that just makes you want to linger.

Now that the weather has improved, the kids and I walk to and from school just about every day. Sure there are the days that I would rather struggle with buckling three children into the car than tell Spencer and Owen to get their shoes on one more time, but then I miss the chance to see these amazing poppies.

Actually, it is a bit ironic because it is one of the few times that they actually tell me to "hurry up".

Not now kids I'm basking!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! It's really so easy to do these isn't it? Now you won't be so impressed with mine. I just love it and poppies are among my favorite flowers.

I keep thinking I could sell cards that feature flowers on the ridge at local shops. I have quite a few good ones now.