Monday, October 5, 2009

The Chase

It has been a while, but basically our summer was:

Chasing bugs and animals from our bounty, including AJ who swiped 4 of these tomatoes when I wasn't looking.


Chasing Kids

Chasing AJ

Chasing Milestones

Spencer's Teeth 2

Chasing Time...


Leeann said...

So good to see you back, if only for a brief moment! I hope to hear from you more!

Elle Jay Bee said...

I can't believe little A.J. is a year old already! He is adorable, as are all your little ones! I look forward to your updates...though I know that with four kids, they can be only sporadic at best. I didn't know what a blog was when my kids were babies!!


Kat said...

Chasing time. I feel like I'm doing that constantly.
Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer. :)

Blog a Blurb said...

Great to see Spencer!!!! That is a milestone! Tooth fairy times..... wonderful.