Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Topsy Turvy Evening

capoeria 5

This evening, like every other Tuesday evening this summer, I prepared the kids for our 1/2 hour trip to the boy's Capoeira class. You know when I say prepared what I mean is I rushed the kids through dinner, forced them all to "make a trickle", filled up water bottles, gathered enough snacks and toys to keep Laney and AJ occupied for one hour, and shoved them all in the car and hoped that we might only be 5 minutes late tonight. We have all been there right?

I invited my mother to come watch, so she too joined in the chaos. We made it there in record time, but when we got there the instructor was no where to be found. During the last class there had been some confusion as to whether or not class would be held this evening, but the teacher said he would check with the office. I did not hear from him, so I called the Rec & Ed office and the coordinator confirmed that there was in fact class this evening. So, there we were on time with our water bottles, snacks and toys and nothing. What can you do?
So Grammie, here are the boys (a.k.a. Bala/Bullet/Owen and Pulse/Pulse/Spencer) in action:

Warming Up:

capoeria 2

The boys getting ready to play the Berimbau:

capoeria 4

Playing (a match):

capoeria 3

capoeria 1

Maybe next time Grammie... There will definitely be a next time because our capoeiristas love being topsy turvy too much to not continue. Thankfully the next session is just in town which makes my life just a bit less topsy turvy.


Leeann said...

Cute!! I swear I have never heard of that around here!

Trey's going to try flag football for the fall season. We'll just see how that goes. lol

Julie said...

great pictures!!

I have not been able to sit and enjoy blogs for a long time...because of my sugery and the meds. I am playing catch up now!