Friday, April 17, 2009

The Poor Guy

My mom suggested I post something to save AJ from further humiliation in the goofy hat. So, here our little guy in a more dignified outfit.


These were actually taken a few weeks ago and he doesn't look like this at the moment - the poor guy is covered in hives. While changing his diaper yesterday morning, I found welts all over his little body. I looked closer and found his ankles and ears were swollen too. After my freak out and a trip to the doctor, he was diagnosed as possibly being allergic to amoxicillin and we were sent home with some Zyrtec. Great!

Well, today he woke up worse. He is now on Zyrtec, a new antibiotic (just in case it is viral from the Strep throat he had last Friday) and he is on steroids for the hives. We are scheduled to see an allergist Monday. Here is the poor guy post medication:



Hopefully with all of this medication he should be back to his dapper, spot free, hat free, self in no time.



Leeann said...

Poor little baby!
My Kate had that reaction from a penecillin based drug as well. It took about three days to fade out but it was very scary!

Hope he is back to normal soon!

Good to "see" you again!

MKHKKH said...

Oh no! Wow! Those hives are terrible. I hope he is on the mend. How are you surviving? So strange for both of the babies to have Strep so young. Hank is an allergic guy too and is getting tested on Friday. You will have to let us know what he comes up with. So far Hank is allergic to strawberries and dogs but not penicillin. Take care.

Blog a Blurb said...

What pictures. Ones to make you cry for the little guy's discomfort and the other to take your breath away with his beauty.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh My Word! That looked terrible. Poor guy.

Glad you got it figured out.

Pamela said...

Oh how awful --
as someone who has had the same reaction, I know the torture it puts you through.

I might add - that after having an attack like that, it made me vunerable to other things as well - such as aspirin and other things with salicylic acid - so be on the watch to see if it opened a can of worms.

blowing kisses on them --
here from SusieQ

Anonymous said...

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