Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Baby

Bet I got your attention. This one has 4 legs though - yes, it's a pup-pee. Meet Penny:


Spencer just informed me that I spelled "puppy" wrong, but, oh no, it is definitely the correct spelling. She was born August 29, 2008 and is now the baby of the house, but, unfortunately, unlike AJ she does not wear diapers.

Up to this point Sam and I have had cats, but living in the country we thought it would be a good idea to have another set of eyes around. I started looking for dogs and found a 6 month old St. Bernard, a breed that is supposed to be good with families. She was a rescue, which I really liked the idea of, and most importantly she was house trained. We never got a chance to meet her because she was very popular, but there was another family friendly rescue dog I was interested in. However, while waiting for a review of the 32 question application with questions such as, "In the event of a divorce who will care for the dog?" and having the foster parent call our vet to verify information before we were even allowed to meet the dog, we started looking elsewhere. That's when we came across Penny.


Sam and I went to look at her and she seemed really sweet. We were able to meet her mom and learned that she lived with a family that also had 4 children - both big pluses. So, not really having a clue as to what we were getting ourselves into, Penny came home with us. The owner said she was crate trained, but she promptly came home and "eliminated" on the floor. Great! Not long after we, the cat people, got another message from the dog universe - Penny has a heart murmur that was not detected at her 10 week appointment. It could be nothing, or it could be something really bad and the only thing to do is wait. Can you believe it? We'll know more next weekend at her check-up. Until then I'll keep the paper towels and Pet Oxy Clean handy.


Leeann said...

Oh Lord, that dog is killer cute!! What breed is she? She is just precious!

Being a puppy, the chances of her being trained are pretty darn slim, I'd say. Get plenty of Nature's Miracle and batten down the hatches...puppy training is hard work. But once you've done it, dogs are totally the best.

And those eyes!

Leeann said...


I hope the heart murmur turns out to be a total non-event.
Also, at almost four months old, if she isn't trained, it should happen quickly. She may have just been "Fweeked out"!

MKHKKH said...

She is beautiful. I see why you couldn't leave her at the breeder. Gorgeous eyes. I hope the potty training, I mean house training is almost done! Daisy has decided to become like a puppy again in that regard :(

Mrs Furious said...

Wow... that's big news!

Putty has a heart murmur and he's 10... the vet always said they can be fairly common in dogs.

pve design said...

oh she is a love- if only those eyes and ears could talk.