Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let The Battle Begin

In our family, we like animals - all kinds really. I grew up with horses, a pony, geese, dogs, cats, parrots, we had an escape artist of a hamster once, but apparently he died of "old age" when I was visiting my father, but that's a whole other story. Sam and I, however, are a lot less daring than my mother and we are pretty much cat people when it comes to the animal kingdom coming in doors. We will feed just about anything that comes to our door, but for most animals, that is as far as it goes. We love feeding the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. In fact, our squirrels are so well fed that when they were jumping onto the bird feeders they were pulling them down - or so we thought.

We know there are other critters out there like skunks and raccoons - we know this because we have had encounters with both. I had a run in with a skunk one day in the backyard. The kids and I ran like wind into the house and hid and Spencer had bad skunk dreams for a month after. One afternoon I head something outside, I looked out to find Sam running out of the garage, as he said, "squealing like a little girl". He took a raccoon by surprise (we had left the door open), but it turned out he was the one surprised.

The other morning Sam woke up at 4:30 AM to do some reading in preparation for a meeting he had that day. As he was reading, he was startled to catch something out of the corner of his eye moving about the deck. He looked up to see something looming out of the window - it was a raccoon climbing the pole of the bird feeder (sorry squirrels for the false accusations). When he didn't find anything interesting, he moved on to the garbage can we use to store the bird and squirrel food.

Now, in theory, raccoons are really cool animals and for a brief moment we thought of setting out food for him, but he quickly became unwelcome when he pooped on the railing of the deck, right next to the corn we feed the squirrels. As the Owen would say, "sisgusting"! These guys have got to go - little kids and wild animal poop do not mix. So, let the battle begin. Sam vs. the raccoon. So far, it's not looking good at 0 - 2 and, I'm not sure, but I think he is gloating.





Julie said...

How funny! If our cats were not done with their food by about 8pm - we had an entire family of racoons that were more than willing to finish it off for them every night!

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LivingTheLife said...

Racoons are so agile, too...they can open anything and are quite persistant...little boogers! I'll root for you and hubbin...from the sidelines...hope you figure out how to win this one...I agree...they are cute...for a brief season...then they become litte/big pests...

I had a rather surprising visit the other night on my rock patio after the high winds and rain...I saw what I thought was a stream of water running between the rocks on the porch...I went closer b/c it is not a place that should have had any water...but I just thought with the high winds...the rain came closer to the house...IT WAS NOT was a SNAKE...yep...I ran like the wind to the back door...and then LOCKED it...yea...that'll show him!!


Anonymous said...

We have a second story deck (above a flat roofed addition). I used to have my office in the room below it. When my oldest child was still a baby, and I was listening to him on the baby monitor, I heard FOOTSTEPS above my head late at night. I was convinced it was people walking around up there (maybe they'd been hiding out in the attic all day! who knows!). I called M to come home from work - his office was about a mile away and he got home fast. When he arrived, he found me at the bottom of the steps holding our biggest knife, which he gently removed from my hand before going upstairs. You may have guessed where this story is going: it was raccoons on the deck! And it was not the last time I've mistaken the coons for humans - they're loud! And they'll play with anything we leave up there! We had some nesting in our chimney one year, so we hired a critter removal guy catch and release those (then replaced the chimney cap!). Raccoons are a thoroughly urban species so we see some pretty much every year...

Tricia (from GWWSCN)

CIELO said...

How funny! Raccoons are very smart creatures.... too bad we don't get to see any here.

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Have a great day