Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Go

With Sam's parents and sister visiting, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the Meringue Crusted Chocolate Cake again. After my last disaster I felt like needed to redeem myself, so I carefully followed the recipe (with the exception of adding splash of vanilla - I need a bit of leeway). I refrained from adding an extra egg white for more meringue - I guess more isn't always better. Also - this might be the big one - I didn't turn off the oven mid-way through baking because, although I am not an expert, I really think that might have had something to do with the sides creeping up out of the pan as though they were so horrified with what I had done they decided to run away. So, without further ado - I present the less frightening looking Meringue Crusted Chocolate Cake. Give it a try.

Meringue Cake

Stay sides, stay - good sides.

Meringue Cake

Mmmm good.


Kathy said...

OOOOOOO GOODNESS! I am over here DROOLING! Your cake looks delicious!

But, I still think the last one looked yummy too! LOL

I need to move closer to you, because you bake so often! I would be your bestest friend in the whole wide world! ROFL

I just started taking cake decorating lessons this week. I remember my mother taking them when I was a little girl. When I called her to tell her that I was now taking them, she warned me, saying that she gained 10 lbs during that time because she kept eating the icing! How in the world do you stay so skinny?

NAME: CIELO said...

yummm, it looks soooo delicious!! It looks hart to make, thought... LOL.


MKHKK said...

Looks too good to eat!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, my goodness does that look decadent. I have been eating all sweets in sight lately & it's only going to get worse as the month wears on. That looks yummy! I'll have to see if you shared the recipe.


Janet said...

It may look too good to eat, but that wouldn't stop me!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, that looks so good!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh wow -- does that ever look good! Thanks for sharing!!!

Aimee said...

That looks heavenly!

Kari said...

Have you ever stood next to a chunky woman in front of a Godiva Chocolate display and heard the almost obscene noises of joyful anticipation coming from her mouth? Well, that's the kind of sound I'm making right this minute because WOW. I can almost taste this concoction...I'm doing a mental inventory of everything chocolate in my house to see if there's something I can eat and PRETEND it's this. lol

Greenie Gardens said...

Dear Heather, The last one was lovely and most importantly, it was so good! This one is mighty fine looking however, I'll bet it was just as good as the first one!

JANET said...

This is a totally different kind of cake topping for me! It looks really good. Now, I have had cookies called Meringues that taste out of this world.