Monday, August 6, 2007

Growing Pains

GiraffeYesterday was the first day of Owen's week long giraffe camp at the zoo. Other than Mister (a.k.a. Jabba the Cat), giraffes (a.k.a. "doo-rafts") are his favorite animal. When I saw that the zoo had a giraffe class for kids his age, I signed him right up.

Yesterday's class was the first time Owen had done anything without Spencer or me and, let me tell you, it was a bit rough on all of us. He was very apprehensive about going - in fact, my mom came along just in case it didn't go well and I needed to pick him up early.

Honestly, I never thought he would walk off into a closed zoo, but he did. He shed a few tears, held the hand of the teacher and walked off in the orange line of campers. I waited for him to turn around to look at me, so I could run through the gate and grab him, hug him and take him home, but he kept trudging on.

It was a long 3 hours at the zoo. I checked my phone every 5 minutes to make sure I didn't miss the call to come pick him up because he wasn't going to make it through the camp, but the call never came. Spencer was going crazy with nervous energy the entire 3 hours and the minute he saw Owen in that orange line of kids he was calm again and, actually, so was I.

The Boys

I guess at the end of the day I don't know what to think. For me, it is hard to know when to push and when to indulge. Sometimes I underestimate and sometimes my expectations are too high. It is difficult to distinguish what I project onto them from what they really think and feel. Needless to say, today, I felt some growing pains.

By the way, how cute is this little one?



Kari said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...the giraffe is cute, but those kids!!!! What words can describe those perfect little faces? Adorable? That'll have to do.

Being a mom is hard, isn't it? I think I'm a "clinger". lol But I try to hide that from the kids so they don't feel smothered. I think the end result is they mostly think I'm just looney. But at least they know better than to say that out loud where I can hear it! lol

Again, cute, cute kids!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Heather...awww, I love the zoo! Thanks for stopping by & for your very nice comments. Sorry you can't grow hydrangeas, but we have major clay soil here too...just have to amend the soil a whole lot.


Carmen said...

The San Diego zoo is the best! if you are ever in town you have to see it, you will love it I assure you ;-)
P.S. Great last reflection. You are doing a wonderful job. Great mommy!

Kathy said...

I bet he had a blast! He is going to be asking to do it every year! LOL
Your boys are adorable. And so is the baby giraffe. They are one of my favorites too!

katiedid said...

I was getting all choked up reading this! My girls are now 15 and almost 12, and I still go through all of those same emotions every time one of them takes another step toward independence. I am enjoying every stage of their changing lives, but I just wish it would slow down a little!