Sunday, July 29, 2007

Round and Round the Blueberry Bush

It's blueberry time here in Michigan and we are lucky enough to have a u-pick blueberry farm about 20 minutes from us. It really is the perfect thing to pick with little people. The bushes do not have thorns and the blueberries grow at varied heights which allow everyone to be successful. Here are a few photos from our outing:

Get Ready

Get Set

IMG_3655 IMG_3649

Don't pick the pink ones!

How many did you pick?
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Together we picked 5 1/2 pounds of blueberries and spent a whopping $7.50. Can you believe it? Two bag bags of blueberries for such a price - amazing. We left a bit extra for the few that were squished, the many that were dropped and for the 89 that were eaten by Sam along the way.


restyled home said...

Yum! My kids love blueberries so I can't wait to get picking them. Looks like you had a fun day. Lots of blue fingers and tongues, I bet!!


Julie said...

Oh - you are so lucky!! We have a U-pick-it farm near our farm...but honestly, they charge as much as the grocery store does! :0(

Carmen said...

mmmm.... I love blueberries and what a fun adventure!

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! Your blueberry farm looks like the one that Red Shoes Blog went to this weekend too. You're both in it the same farm??? Looks like a great time!

MKHKK said...

How fun. I wish we had a a U-pick-it farm near us. I can't wait to see what you come up with to do with all those blueberries! Yummy!

Leeann said...

Totally awesome! We have two blueberry bushes in our backyard but didn't get any yield this year. They grew and then disappeared before they were ready to pick. I think there are some happy animals somewhere around here.
I'll have to check our local farms to see what's ripe for picking.
Love the post and the pictures!

Leeann said...

And I meant to say, your family is just beautiful. Truly.

Anonymous said...

So delightful for all of you. Another Michigan perq! Pie looks fabulous! GiGi has fabulous memories of blueberry picking with all of us in Maine. I was too young, though, and have no memories of it. But perhaps, the time with all of you struck into some deep pre-conscious childhood picking joys.

Gigi said...

GramNet was too young to recall blueberry picking in Augusta, Maine or the thrill of her first fish; I GOT A FISHEE". We feasted on fishee and blueberry pie for days albeit the stove was a black, cast iron wood stove that was a challenge! Gigi