Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Quasi Gardener

IMG_5332This is the Sahara; a little herb garden to the side of our house. We call it the Sahara because it is the only place in our yard that really gets any sun. The rest of the yard is shaded by giant maple trees. With all of the plants on sale, I decided to fill in the herb garden a bit. I bought some different sages, hyssop and winter savory. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the last two, but I wanted a section of the garden that smelled good. That it does! I also have lavender, chives, oregano, mint, etc.


I love lavender and, after our crazy winter, our plants are looking a bit shabby. The other day, my mom and I stopped by a nursery to see if they had any left. While I was there, I told them about the chocolate an orange mint I had just planted. Well, let me just tell you that if your ever want to send a real gardener into orbit just tell them you planted mint! I knew it spread, but being the quasi gardener that I am I thought it would make a nice ground cover... Oh well - live and learn. I might be a little slow, but eventually I get it.


Thimbleanna said...

Did they tell you an easy way to plant mint is to put it in a tipped up cinder block and then bury the cinder block up to ground level? This helps keep the mint from spreading. It's not completely foolproof but it makes a HUGE difference.

Kari said...

Huh. And I thought it was only ME who was a bad mint chick. I didn't just plant 1 or 2...heck no! I planted 4 different kinds of mint. Who would have thought it spread that much????? I will forever be pulling that stuff grows everywhere - between cracks in the patio, on the gravel path, in the least your hands smell good once you've spent a little time "pruning" it. lol

Sue said...

Just stopped by to look around a bit. Your blog is so cute and your little ones are adorable. Did you have any luck with the blue & white loveseat?

restyled home said...

Hi Heather,
I love the little path winding round your house. You are more than a quasi gardener, I think!


Carmen said...

I enjoy lavender the most. But mint is in my favorites, too.
It spreads easy so does oregano, too.

Rhoda said...

Hi, I saw your blog on some others that I visit, so I thought I stop by & say hello. Looks like you have a little bit of everything going, like I do. Stop by & visit me sometime if you get a chance!

SOuthern Hospitality

Leeann said...

So inquiring minds want to know...are you going to add the flower, or ::::Gasp:::: really go hog wild and add the leaf too?
I gotta find out before I disappear into Harry Potter land.

Sue said...

Sorry the loveseat didn't work out. I know how hard it is to match blues.
I added you to my blog list of places to visit regularly so I'll be back to look around more at all your pretty blue things ;)

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

If you are anything like me then you learn everything the hard way. Twice. I'm also a learn as I go gardener. These can be expensive lessons.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You are right about sending an old gardener into orbit!!
I'm thinking we should make mint donations to new gardeners :)