Sunday, July 22, 2007

Has She Had "Work" Done?

Well, you might think she is a natural beauty, but don't check behind her ears. After a rough assembly that left her with some creases and unsightly folds, she went on "vacation" to remedy the problem. I must say that after the whole procedure she was looking pretty good, but like I said, it's best not to look under her leaves.



lump 'n bump cake

lump 'n bump cake top

lump 'n bump cake close-up


Leeann said...

Oh my gosh, so completely and totally beautiful! I love it!

cammyk said...

Absolutely stunning!

restyled home said...

I still can't believe you can do all this!! You're the new Martha!!
I hope you take that as a compliment!!


MKHKK said...

Terrific cover up! My jaw is on the floor. So very beautiful! I am glad we are not related by blood! Hailey said, "mom your cakes don't look near that good". Oh, so true! LOL. Keep them coming:)

Marianna said...

You are simply amazing!

Thanks for your comment on my journals. I have been getting brave and adding some artwork!!

katiedid said...

Tag you're it!
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Carmen said...


Aimee said...

Wow - you are SO talented! That is BEAUTIFUL!

Mirre said...

That cake is amazing!!
Did you make it?!

Sue said...

Your cakes are so cool. You a a very creative girl indeed ;)