Thursday, June 7, 2007

Monkey Stew

We had the Kindergarten crew over yesterday - the same 3 that came the time before. Last time I had a Mother's Day craft for them to do while I made lunch. It really helped to have them occupied while I was occupied, so I had to come up with an easy last minute craft. I looked in our craft stash and I found: Shrinky Dink paper, magnetic tape and clothes pins. A little assembly and presto - magnetic note clips for Father's Day.

Father's Day Gifts

father day

While I was wrapping the little treasures, the boys went upstairs to play. Not more than a minute after going upstairs, one little boy came down the stairs asking for fake swords and guns. He was quite disappointed when he found out we had neither. I could hear the other children upstairs playing Star Wars. Because Spencer is not into playing the Star Wars games, he came downstairs with some of his stuffed monkeys. In a very gentle voice, I heard him say, "come here little monkey, come over here cute monkey." In that moment, I was so proud of my darling little boy - choosing to play with stuffed animals rather than being the "good guy" with a gun. I thought to myself, he is so sweet and we really are doing a good job as parents. It was then that I heard, in a gruff voice, "I'm going to put you in my pot and cook ya up!"

Hey Spence, are you serving anything with crow?

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kristin said...

i am chuckling...i have had almost the exact experience with my own little micah...