Friday, June 8, 2007

He Moved

owen b&wHave you ever in your life seen a dimple like this? Don't get too close to this thing. It just might suck you in. You could sprain an ankle or something. Exercise extreme caution around this guy. He's got two of them. Once your in, that's it - your Owened for good!

bark = pizza crust
nut = avacado pit
orange avacado = apricot
I need to tell you a question = I have a question
I'm a little bit drinkable = I'm thirsty

Mom why are you polishing your eyes? = me putting on mascara
hear this = listen
I'm gonna keep on Laney = I'll keep an eye on Laney


restyled home said...

How adorable is he?! You are so smart to write these "-isms" down. My eldest son had the most scrumptious way of saying things when he was little. It was as if he had a mouth full of marbles with a healthy dose of drool added for good measure. Of course WE could understand every word!
I miss those days at times. If only we could revisit our babies...
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it all, especially Owen' dimples. His Alaska Uncle Phil upon seeing a caged canary singling said, "Yook, Mommie, the chickie is songing." Lo, these many years later I recall it still w/joy when seein a caged canary. GG