Friday, May 25, 2007

A tweet little cake

I will start by apologizing for the title - I just couldn't help myself.

That being said, I made a cake. We are celebrating Sam's birthday Saturday with a sushi party. Since he already got his chocolate mousse and I need the practice, I decided to make a cake. We are making our own rolls and because rolling California rolls is about as time consuming as making a fondant covered cake, I thought I would get the cake out of the way today. Plus, I need the practice! I am making a cake this June for a non-family member's big birthday party. As you can see, I made a big grown-up mess. An "ace of cakes" I am not.

Quite a mess I know, but I think it turned out well.

cake 2 cake 1

The one thing that differentiates a grown-up mess from a kid mess - inevitably, grown-ups have to clean it up.




About Us said...

Are you for real???? That is amazing! Where do find you the time? It is a beautiful cake. You have quite the tallent there. Someday you will have to give me a lesson or 2.

chriskauf said...

Wow that cake is fantastic , and your kitchen is so charming.

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