Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Expensive $21 Chandelier

IMG_4820I found this chandelier on Ebay and, since I had been looking, and since this one was in Michigan, I bid on her. The best part - I got her for $21. Well, after getting her home, I found that she needed a bit of a face lift. After a nice hot bath, a scrubbing behind her ears and a $50 shopping spree at Lowe's for some new clothes and a few unmentionables, she was finally looking presentable. She was now ready to find her place in the dining room. It was not until we got her into the dining room that we began to see her true colors. This blue and white chandelier was starting to show her shades of red - as a redhead, I am allowed to say this. Sam tried to put her up and boy did she spark up. Literally, she sparked. I guess when I gave her her bath and reassembled her, with a struggle I might add, I pinched a nerve. Well, after some more sparks from her, a blown dimmer, and many, many unpleasant comments from Sam, she found her place and, the best part, she only cost $21.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckles this morning..... It did look so promising! In fact, you could leave it up and never connect it?

Heather said...

She has proved herself worthy and she works fine. I am, however, "never allowed to buy anyting old again!".