Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As Promised

To have four generations sitting around the table and dancing to jazz with my guys made for an extra special Mother's Day. No, I am not quite sure what they were doing at that moment, but the guy with the trumpet said Owen dances like Michael Jackson. Because he said "dances", I took it as a compliment - that kid really can dance.

4 generations


As promised here are the seersucker suits and saddle shoes:

Seersucker Suits

The pretty dress:

Pretty Dress

The sprouting bulbs:


The horses in the fancy gear:


The museums rich in history, okay, okay, the second one is actually a store, but I love the color combination.


Orange Door on Mackinac

Sorry, I have no fudge to show - it just didn't last that long. Instead, how about some moss and lichen growing on a 100+ year old lilac? Not quite the same, I know, but it's all I have.

lilac on mackinac

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the photos. What a wonderful day it must have been the the gmas. Terrific tradition seems to be beginning there.