Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fairy Frenzie

We have been struck by a fairy fever. It started with cute little doors that popped up here and there around town. The wee winged folks have become so popular, now you can buy your own urban fairy door at a local shop, Red Shoes. The fervor for fairies even hit Spencer's Kindergarten class - the kids made their own fairy houses in art class. The cottages were styled to appeal more to the rural fairy rather than the Ann Arbor urban fairy. The woodsy little houses were made from a peat pot, some moss, a few feathers and a whole lot of glue. Each child was asked to bring in something special for his house and Spencer chose to bring in a miniature set of wind chimes that he made with Sam. It came out very cute, but one sometimes wonders what goes on in that brain of his - Spencer's that is...

Fairy House

As a surprise for the kids, another mother and I made these fairies. They were intended to be a kid-craft, but for older children because they require some fine motor skills that my boys do not yet have. The first 10 were fun, the next 5 tedious and the by the time I got my production line going for the next 5, I could have made 20 more. "Could" being the key word.


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