Thursday, November 12, 2009


Spencer 09

He is 8 now. At least I think he is 8. Often he is 48, you know one of those kids that is wise beyond his years. That's our Spencer.

Spencer 09 03

We are so thankful our little professor was our 1st. Not only does he have a good head on his shoulders, he is so kind, tolerant, and giving to his brothers and sister.

The boys 2

My only complaint about this one...he has to be one of the pickiest eaters on the planet which was evidenced by his menu: Fillet Mignon, French bread, Fuji apple and cake. This year he chose a chocolate cake with raspberry butter cream frosting, fresh raspberries and a side of pure disaster. It was definitely a "made with love" kind of cake - good taste, but not a looker.

Spencer 09 2

I do not know what happened, but the frosting was so soft that the raspberries kept sliding off the top. Maybe if I hadn't waited until the 11th hour to make the thing I might have been a bit more successful, but I was suffering from a touch of the birthday burnout. Ugly cake aside, it was a great day.

Fall 09

We took a drive in our PJs to look at the fall color and decided to pick up some extra pumpkins from a roadside stand. Pumpkin picking in PJs - does life get much better? Only if you are an 8 year old and have a bunch of new Star Wars Lego sets waiting for you!


Gigi said...

Does it get better you ask....NO..
a healthy, loving, gifted, beautiful family is the greatest gift. Lv Gigi

Blog a Blurb said...

Times to treasure indeed!

MKHKKH said...

Ahh, he and Hailey couldn't be more alike. Wise beyond their years. I agree, so thankful they are the first. He is looking so handsome and big! Although she is far from picky. The more expensive the better though. :)
Glad you survived October. From what I have heard, December will be tougher. Remember to take care of mom, there sure are lot of special little ones counting on you.

Leeann said...

Happy birthday, Spencer!

I have no idea why your parents continued to have children. They clearly got it right the very first time!


Julie said...

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