Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laney Janey

Laney 09 2

Usually we only have face gashes and scrapes for our Christmas photos, but both Owen and Laney managed to bang themselves up for their birthday celebrations. What can you do? Normally she looks like this:

Crazy Girl 2

No joke. Interesting isn't it? Here is the full effect:

Crazy Girl_edited-1

Most kids spend their time playing with toys, but not Laney. She spends the majority of her time dressing up. The outfits are not always this outlandish, but they are always pink and accessorized. The remainder of her time is divided between ballet class, singing and playing with Barbies and ponies.

image10-1 ballet 09

2008 / 2009

She is getting so big and she grew so much as a person during year 3. She is a sweet, strong, unabashed, savvy little thing. She adds so much to our family and not just with the volume of her voice, although she really is one of the loudest children I have ever heard. She also keeps us laughing with her crazy take on the English language. We are looking forward to year 4 with this one.

Laney Lue 4

We probably will not be saying this for too many more years, but, for now, we will just enjoy the moment.

Laney Lue

October 17th was the official day and it wouldn't have been complete without a pink Barbie cake and a helpful brother or two.

IMG_0432 Laney Party 1
Laney Party 4 Laney Party 3

Pink schmink, it's a party right?

AJ Party


Leeann said...

Love it! Love both your posts on your Sugar and Spice girl and your lil Frat boy! You do such good birthdays for them.

I am so glad you are back to the blogging world!

Kat said...

So cute! She is an absolute doll! :)

Unknown said...

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