Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Through The Eyes Of A 5 Year Old

Sir Owen

As he gets older his Owenisims are getting a bit more sophisticated. A conversation as recounted by Sam:

Sam: I love you Owen
Owen: I love you God
Sam: Did you say "God"?
Owen: No, I said, I love you Dad
Sam: Oh, I though you said God; it's OK to say you love God. Do you talk to God?
Owen: Yes
Sam: What do you say?
Owen: I ask for things, but he doesn't give them to me. I think there's a way you have to say it.
Sam: Yes, but it's also important what you ask for. You can't just ask for toys -- you need to ask for things that make you a better person. You say, "Dear God" and then end it by saying "Amen"

Owen: OK...dear God..and then Amen.
Sam: Right.
Owen: Dear God, I want to learn statistics. Amen.

Yo Owen

Well he is just 5.


Leeann said...


What in the WORLD? He wants to learn STATISTICS??

He is no longer like Trey. Trey is no genius. LOL


Loralee said...

This is just hilariously adorable. What a cutie. I hope you don't mind me peeping in on your blog. This is Loralee from No Fuss Fabulous, I just thought I would peep in and your site is SO SO cute. Your son is adorable.

MKHKKH said...

I think I prayed that same prayer in college! LOL What a cutie pie.

Mrs Furious said...


an encourager said...

Very cute!!!