Monday, January 12, 2009

Serenity NOW

Well this was a day, by no means the worst, but a bit more than I bargained for so sure. I am in need of this and a glass of wine:


Lands End is having a big sale at Sears (30% off already marked down prices - big deals), so I decided to take Laney and AJ to the mall. I guess it has been a while because apparently shopping become a hands-on experience. I couldn't even walk down the mall without being accosted by people trying to straighten my hair, spritz me with perfume, rub me down with lotion or give me a massage. Hey, mall kiosk people do I look like I have time for you to rub my hands with AJ screaming and Laney whining about how hungry she is? No. Even if I did have the time, what makes you Mr. Strange Person Tying To Sell Me Something think I want you to touch me? Furthermore, when I say "no thank you" in my most polite but firm voice why do you follow me? I don't want your lotion, fake hair, or massage so stop following me. Seriously, I felt like I was shopping at the Turkish bazaar again. I did survive, however, only to nearly die of humiliation later in the day.

I went to pick up the kids at school this afternoon and because we got a bunch of snow this weekend, much of the parking lot was inaccessible. The overflow parking is on the lawn which is fine in the summer, but my car cannot go over more than a 1/2 inch of snow without having problems. I decided I was going to park along the street. Well, as I was making my turn, I misjudged the depth of the snow and got stuck. Really stuck. Sometimes this happens in our driveway and I am able to put the car in reverse, turn on the traction control and throw it into low gear and get out. But, that is at home where it really doesn't matter if I get stuck. This time I was stuck in front of the kids' school, with parent after parent driving by watching me shoot up snow and spin my wheels. I told myself not to panic, I would clear away some of the snow from the front tires and try the forward/reverse rock approach. That didn't work either. By this point I am flush with embarrassment and getting warmer by the second. Of course then AJ started to scream and Laney began her commentary, "Mommy, dis was not a vury good idea". Finally, one of the moms came to help. Of course she happens to be the prettiest one and now I find out that she is nice too - ugh! Anyway, we were working away and the principal comes out and says he will be back to help at which point I think my face turned yet another shade of red. In the meantime, a guy stopped to help and between the three of us we were able to get it out. Oh the humiliation. All I could do was crack a joke about learning to drive in California. The pretty mom gave me a hug and I then had to drive up to the school, late of course, to pick up the boys. I was sure the principal had solicited volunteers over the PA and I was going to be labeled the "that woman" for the next 7 years, but, thankfully, I was spared that embarrassment.

I'm not going to get a sunset tonight becuase we are expecting another 4 - 6 inches of snow. Hopefully, we'll have a snow day so I park my sled and maybe have a little serenity.


Chicago Sarah said...

Dude, I feel for you. I have gotten stuck in mis-judged snow, most recently this morning when I pulled over to park and found the three inches of slush made it impossible to stop or turn- so I smashed into the (snow covered) curb during morning rush hour. But doing it with kids in the car would have been horrible (and what's up with the other parents not getting out to help...tsk tsk). *hugs* Hope you're having a relaxing evening.

Kat said...

Oh, we've all been there. Even those of us who have grown up in Wisconsin and we should know better. ;)
I can't believe it took that long for someone to stop and help. Crazy! The minute someone gets stuck around here cars are pulling over to help.

We received another 4 inches of snow last night. Oh yeah. ;)

Maybe you didn't get the sunset, but the glass of wine?

Mrs Furious said...

OH I know the lotion people... and you are not exaggerating... they will stalk you down!!!!

I'm glad you survived. And I'm impressed you even had a game plan for getting unstuck... and I grew up in MI!

MKHKKH said...

Oh Heather! What a day. I hope the wine finished the day on a good note.