Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Gobblers


I made these cookies for a Thanksgiving "feast" at Owen's school using Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe and royal icing (using meringue powder and adding vanilla). I added the feathers while the frosting was still wet and used a toothpick to swirl the colors. After trial and error, I found the easiest way to use all of the different colors at once was to put a small Ziploc bag into a glass with one corner down, fill it up with frosting and snip the end for drawing.


They were a hit with the kids. I intended to go to the feast to help out, but shortly after taking off my coat, AJ decided he was not in the mood and began to scream - not your garden variety "I'm hungry/I need my diaper changed scream". No, it was more like "this evil woman is trying to take my arm off" wail. I was glad I was coatless because suddenly the room became very hot and my face red and tingly. He screamed so loud that the children could not hear the Thanksgiving movie they were watching, so the teacher had to turn up the volume. I tried to console him by nursing him, walking with him and giggling him, but nothing would work. As I was walking him in the hall, teachers were closing their doors and I had 1st graders offering their thoughtful suggestions of diapers and food. One little boy just looked at me and said, "wow, can that baby scream loud". Anyway, after about 5 minutes we left which just created 2 crying children instead of 1 because Laney had really been looking forward to the feast I had been talking up all week. It is probably for the best because had I seen this at school, I might have burst into tears too.


Apparently Owen isn't thankful for anything. When I asked him about the turkey he said he started to write something, but he ran out of time. If you look closely, you can see he had started writing "RO" on the green feather. I asked what it was he was going to write and he said "rocks". Yep, rocks. Not family, friends, toys, but rocks.


What a little turkey.


MKHKKH said...

Sounds like a turkey kind of day :( Nice cookies though.

Blog a Blurb said...

Ah!!! Such childhood delights! Fond memories, happy children, crafts, well behaved kids, (rose colored glasses)!

Owen should be easy to please at Christmas though.

Aimee said...

You are waaaay too talented! Those cookies are adorable.

Sorry about the feast situation - what a nightmare!