Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eggstraordinary Place Markers

Last week the kids had a day off from school, so I put them to work painting these inexpensive wooden eggs I found at Michaels.


They had a great time and we only had a few eggs topple over while painting - we had a bit of a mess when one went careening onto the floor and rolled across the room, but since we were using washable paint it was no problem. Laney was the most into the project and each of her eggs were painted so many times that they all have a brownish purpley gray color to them.



Painted Wooden Eggs

I used some of those rub-on letters to put names on the eggs. This was my first experience with these things and they were really helpful, especially on a curved surface. You can certainly write on them with a pen if you don't have the rub-ons.

Wooden Egg Place Marker

These would also look cute at each place setting in a little basket like this:

Wooden Egg Place Marker - Basket

I went with the shaved wood and cellophane bags:

Wooden Egg Place Marker - Cello Bag

I also made another version using ribbon and glue. This would be a good project for older children because it is a bit tricky getting the ribbon right on the curved surface.


The possibilities are endless. Ours are all ready for Sunday - hopefully you will have time to make some too.



Kim said...

Beautiful.Both you and the kids did a wonderful job.

Kathryn said...

Those are fabulous! The kids look like they had fun making them too. Beautiful family you have!

Thimbleanna said...

How Cute!!! What a wonderful activity for the kids!

Kathy said...

HOW FUN! The eggs are so sweet! I like how you packaged them up!

Suzie said...

just darling. love 'em!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Your eggs are AMAZING! I love them! You are amazing. How do you do it? All those adorable little kids creating amazing eggs...I'm so impressed! I don't even have any Easter candy yet. I'm looser mom.

Happy Easter!!


restyled home said...

Thanks for the ideas, Heather. I am hosting a dinner, too, so I have been looking for some placecard ideas.

Have a great Easter!