Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doctor's Orders

So, I had a baby check-up appointment yesterday. The nurse was very friendly and we were talking about my infuriating stroller with one crazy shopping cart like wheel. She was telling me about her stroller nightmares as she was taking my blood pressure and then she suddenly stopped talking. She scrunched up her face and took it again, this time silent. Perplexed, she took it one more time. I then felt the need to tell her that whatever was wrong, it was me. She looked at me like I was going to tell her I had some medical problem, but what I really needed to tell her was this kind of stuff always happens to me and the things around me. I can't tell you the number of times I have heard, "I have been doing this for ____ (fill in appropriate number of years) and I have NEVER seen anything like this before". Well, she agreed, she had never seen a blood pressure so low. 82/20 to be exact. She called in another nurse to take it again and she came up with the same thing.

I wasn't that worried at the time (I usually have low blood pressure and my mom had low blood pressure) and I was actually glad to hear that there might be a medical reason for the EXTREME fatigue I have been feeling. We have had so many illnesses go though our house this winter that it is hard to know what symptom goes to what condition. I get dizzy every now and then, but I thought it was because of the head colds. There have been several times I have told Sam that I really didn't feel well and I needed to eat something right away, but he always looked at me like I was kind of rude when I had to start eating without him (he does tend to dilly dally - sorry Sam but you do). After talking to the doctor and hearing that a drop in blood pressure is common, I may be anemic and that I was probably dehydrated, I thought okay and went on my way. By the way, baby is fine with a heart rate of 150 - maybe the rumor is true and it's a girl?

Out of curiosity, I called my mom to find out what her numbers were and when I told her mine I thought she was going to pass out. I called the nurse back and explained that during the last 3 pregnancies nothing like this happened and didn't they think that 82/20 was a bit too low. She said that the only REAL symptom of clinical low blood pressure was dizziness and blacking out. Can you just imagine me passed out? Laney would head straight for the cabinet and start stuffing her face with marshmallows and Owen would probably toss powdered sugar over my limp body. Unfortunately, that is just the way it goes and they cannot do anything to prevent it other than instructing me to change my diet. Thanks lady! Anyway, her medical advice: drink a soda and eat some salty chips. She said that sugar and salt were good for retaining fluid and increasing blood pressure. Being the rule-follower that I am I decided to stop by Zingerman's this morning and get myself some "medicine".

Zingerman's Sugar Crisp Muffin

A decaf coffee and, my favorite, a sugar crisp muffin. By the way, I think the French Breakfast Puffs the Pioneer Woman Cooks whipped up are the same thing - I am both excited and scared to death because they are really good, but not too good for you (note the 2/3 c shortening and 2 sticks of butter). I think the only thing that puffs when you make these is your bottom.

Anyway, the "medicine" seems to be working because my blood pressure is up to 90/56. So, by the end of this pregnancy my blood pressure should be just fine, but I will probably weigh 400 pounds, have clogged arteries and diabetes...

By the way, I added a widget to my sidebar that counts down the days until your due date, but I have to say, it is really starting to creep me out. Have you seen how fast that skinny little baby spins? That is probably an accurate picture of my kids who all have superhuman energy, but still kind of strange.


chriskauf said...

Oh my that's so funny,nothing like eating junk to keep the blood pressure up! I have lower blood pressure too , especially when I am pregnant , dizzy spells and stars or silverbursts, didn't cause any problems though, fun times.

pve design said...

Once I had to give blood for a dear friend and my iron count was too low, I was sent home to eat, sardines, tuna, kidney beans and spinach. I follow orders and
when I went back to give blood, the nurse said, it works every time! My iron count was way up!
Good luck! Listen to those nurses!

Suzie said...

whatever works! drink/eat up and take it easy. and don't pass out.

your last post made my mouth water. and I don't think I've had a Meyer lemon before.

seriously, take care, girl.

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow!!! 82/20???? I always thought being PG was supposed to make the blood pressure go higher. I laughed out loud reading the description of what your kids would be doing if you passed out. Too funny. What a great prescription -- eat up -- we can't have you passing out!

Aimee said...

I hope you start feeling better very soon! Take care of yourself!!

And, boy, chips and soda?? That doesn't sound so bad!

MKHKK said...

Man, how can I get my Dr. to order those meds for me? All I get is water and prenatals! LOL. Glad you and baby checked out well. Crossing my fingers for a girl, but don't get your hopes up with the heartbeat. His has been 155 the last few times.

Laney said...

I was on the exact opposite diet for preeclampsia with really high blood pressure. I had to avoid all salt, which isn't so easy. It's hidden in everything.

So go get a big bag of doritos and enjoy your weekend!

Chicago Sarah said...

I was a little freaked out by the spinny baby...glad your little one doesn't REALLY do that! :)

katiedid said...

Take care of yourself! Eat up with no guilt. I remember eating alot of hot fudge sundaes and peanut butter sandwiches. Yum.

Daisy's said...

Oh my. I can relate. I have always had low blood pressure. Very low. I too went on medicine when I was pregnant w/ my son, (he'll be 22 on Valentines Day!). Everything worked out just fine though I was hospitalized a few years later because I had passed out a few times due to the low BP. I just went back on my medicine. It began with and F but I cant remember the name. My biggest worry was passing out once I got home with my bundle of joy. I made certian I never missed a dose.
Take good care, Darly

Kathy said...

OOOO I like your medicine! I sure wish that is what the doctor was prescribing to me right about now!

I hope you feel better!