Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guilt Free Doughnuts

Ever since Sam and I visited my grandmother for New Year's in the Netherlands 7 years ago, we follow her tradition of making appleflappen (rings of apple battered, fried and coasted in cinnamon sugar) and ollibollen. This year, the kids had their minds set on doughnuts for New Year's Day. Nothing says Happy New Year like a bit of fried dough, so with the same vat of oil that we would use for appleflappen, we made doughnuts instead. We used this recipe and they were delicious and not at all greasy.

Home Made Doughnuts

Here comes the guilt free part... We got about 12 inches of snow the night before, which meant lots of calorie burning shoveling.

snow copy


A true calorie free snack.


Mary said...

Oooh, my mouth is watering!

Sue said...

OK, I really want one of those donuts!

Julie said...

Ha ha - guilt free donuts are called low fat, high fiber "bagels"!