Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Back, But Just For A Minute...

I couldn't let the day of symmetry pass without wishing my little girl a very happy birthday. It truly is a wish this year because she is sick, sick, sick. Last night she had a temperature of 104.8. She is doing a bit better today, but was diagnosed with croup. She is taking it easy and I will have lots to share when everyone is well again (Owen has had laryngitis since Sunday). In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANEY!


Sick little Laney watching the same Little Einsteins episode for the 11th time.


restyled home said...

Poor little pet...she looks so sick! But she also looks utterly adorable....they look all the more precious when they are ill...and she looks so babyish. Dewey and sweet, that's how she looks.
Happy birthday to your baby girl...I hope she gets better very soon.

Love, Linda

Sue said...

Poor baby, hope she is up and around soon so she can enjoy her birthday. Happy Birthday Laney!

Julie said...

Shhh - I don't think sweet Lainey is watching anymore! How adorable!

Terri and Bob said...

She looks so sad... I hope she feels better soon... I was sick on my birthday once, that makes you feel twice as bad!

Mrs. Furious said...

Poor baby! I hope you are keeping your head above water over there. I put your invite in your box... but you might want to spray it with Lysol first since Charlotte is now sick (not croup!).

Marianna said...

Lots of well wishes for her. Croup is really going around this year. I have several friends whose little ones have had it.


Leeann said...

Oh bless her lovely little heart. She looks utterly pitiful in that picture. I am so so sorry she is sick on her birthday. I wish a speedy recovery for her.


Susie Q said...

Poor precious girl...I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers...I do hope she will be up and smiling soon.
I will keep you Mommy in my thoughts as well too!
It is awful to see your little sweeties sick. Take care of YOU too!


MKHKK said...

Poor little one and poor you! I hope you are surviving. Is Sam back? Don't they always seem to get sick when he is away? Big Hugs to all of you.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Poor little dear. So hard to have our little ones sick! Happy birthday to her! She is a real sweetie.


Mary said...

Oh, poor litle thing! Don't you hate to see them miserable? It just tears your heart out.

She is so adorble -- hope she's soon feeling better!

restyled home said...

I hope Laney has improved since this pic...I'm a little worried about you. You must be exhausted!

Best wishes,

Mrs. Blandings said...

The eldest Blandings boys were both "croupy." It's very scary. I'm sure your mommy network is in full force with advice, but it's usually worse the second night than the first. Sometimes you might hear a bit of it at nap - don't ignore it - your dr. can give a shot so it won't kick in that night. I have laryngitis (sp - I'm hopeless) about once a year and never noticed the connection, but my dr. told me it's often the same virus that causes croup in children - so that is another good "warning" sign. Humidifiers help. I'm so sorry, it's so scary for them, too. I'm sure you are all all better now.

Leeann said...

Dang, girl, I hope you are okay! I am worried about you all!

catherine said...

oh, I am SOOO sorry to see such a sweet child in such a state,
hope everyone is healthy soon, and you can get some rest!