Tuesday, August 14, 2007

5 or 45?


Do you know how some people are said to have an old soul? Well, Spencer is one of those people. He is 5, but I constantly have to remind myself of it. If I didn't have to look down to talk to him, I might forget all together. He really is 5 going on 45 - an Alex P. Keaton in the making.

He is a manager: A while back I asked Spencer to do something, but instead of just asking him outright, I phrased it as a suggestive question like, "Why don't you got get your pajamas on?" Some might call that being passive aggressive, but I'll just go with suggestive. So, for some reason, the kid didn't put his pajamas on and found himself smack dab in the eye of my storm. At the time he looked like a deer in headlights, but he is a quick study; now when I suggest that he do something, he immediately asks, "Mom are you asking me or telling me?" I just hope I haven't done any permanent damage.

He is a literary critic: The weekend before last, Spencer went up to our room to rest while the other kids were napping. He was told that he could come downstairs at 2 o'clock. At 2 and 12 seconds, Spencer appeared downstairs with two books in hand. I asked what he was doing with the books and he said, "reading them" - he had two Robert B. Parker books. He said he only read a couple of pages and they were good, but the author wrote a bit too much about guns. Hi - who are you?

He is a discriminating food critic: Today we were making Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and he said he was sure he would still be able to taste the zucchini because he had "very good taste buds". His favorite foods are carnitas and salmon. Hunh? Hey, five year old have you ever heard of hamburgers and french fries?

He is a theologian: Last night after a brief discussion about death, Spencer explained, with many hand gestures, that on one side were the people who believed God created everything and on the other people who believed in an explosion. He said he was, "somewhere in the middle, but leaning more toward the creation side". I know there is a kid in there somewhere....

I found him - he was at the Slip n'Slide the whole time.

Spencer Slip n Slide


Thirty-One Trendy said...

He is simply adorable. I have a 45 year old myself (in a 5 year old's body). There are many times when he'll say something to me that I just don't have a response for. Too quick witted. If they're this smart at five heaven help us when they're 10.

jbrealtor said...


I just love it when you write about your kids. They are precious and precocious.


Leeann said...

This is my favorite post of yours, ever, ever, ever.

I think I love him!


katiedid said...

He is SUCH a keeper! Who is the brilliant photographer BTW?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

he sounds delightful!

Greenie Gardens said...

Dear Heather, Wow! That is our Spencer. What an amazing blog about an amazing kid. Love, Mom

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh what a cute post!
My first child was (is) awfully brainy and grown up...loved salmon and ordered it at restaurants when other kids were getting mac 'n cheese.
I love Carnitas!!!

restyled home said...

I love this story about your little man. Treasure this side of him (and i know you do), because you will likely have a great relationship with him as he grows into a teenager. I have a soulful boy (my eldest) and we can have the "deepest" talks and he expresses his feelings so readily. I think kids like this think more, thus they FEEL more.
Your boy's and absolute sweetie!!


Kari said...

I love this post. Spencer's wonderful! And hey, I love Robert B. Parker, too. (But my problem isn't the guns - it's how his main characters talk constantly about the great love of their lives...even though some of them have cheated, blah, blah, blah - Jesse Stone, in particular!). I disgress, don't I? Anywho - love this kid and love the way you described him! BTW, did you name him after a certain Parker P.I. from Boston? lol

MKHKK said...

Spencer is so charming. He is going to grow into a wonderful man before you know it. I loved this post. So nice to get a glimpse of the kids through the blog.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh my gosh, he reminds me of my son who is now 20. I remember going to a seafood restaurant when he was 4 and he orderd steamed mussels and clams. The waitress looked at me in shock and asked if he knew what he was ordering. Yes, he did! When all the other kids were playing with superheros my son was looking for rocks and bugs. He didn't have any interest in superheros. In 5th grade he was growing herbs and learning all their medicinal values and I could go on and on. Yes, you can see the old souls in their young bodies and it's so amazing! You are going to have so much fun seeing him grow up!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

What a great kid. Maybe we should introduce him to my Emma. I've always said she has an old soul as well. Don't you find that raising a child like that has huge challenges but even bigger rewards?

kcdesign said...

This was lovely. I have a "little man" like this as well. I keep wondering what he will be like in high school.

Splaneyo said...

Hello All,

Thanks for the Spencer love! I had no idea there "little people" were so many out there.
Jen, I think I would make a great mother in law. Ha!
Katie, I take the pictures - Sam likes to shoot photos into the sun.
KCDesign - God help me when he is high school!
Thanks again for all of the great comments.

Marianna said...


He is adorable! I love the taste buds story!!

My littlest, also 5, sounds much like him. I very often forget that I am talking to a 5year old.