Monday, July 2, 2007

Just Between You and Me

I'm back and had a great time in San Diego. The tea was lovely, as was the company. I have a few photos to share later, but just between you and me, right now I need to get something off my chest.

In our house, we have a "no fly rule" for children between the ages of 1 and 2 1/2 years old. This rule was established not only for the other passengers, but for the sanity and well being of our own family. This rule came about after several never ending flights where I stepped off the plane perspiration-soaked from entertaining a child who was over the coolness of being on a plane 10 minutes into the flight. Hence the "no fly rule"! Anyway, because Laney does not meet the criteria for airline travel, Sam stayed home with the kids so I could go to celebrate my grandmother's 75th birthday.

This was the second time I had gone back to California for a long weekend and left Sam with the kids. The first time Sam did a great job and, secretly, I thought/hoped it was beginners luck. He took the kids to pick out pumpkins, they played at all of the parks and he even took all three out to dinner downtown and I'm not talking Bob's Big Boy.

Between you and me, I had hoped for a bit of difficulty. I wasn't hoping for anything catastrophic, but maybe a tube of toothpaste in the toilet, maybe a finger stuck in a Playmobil toy, or a plate of food knocked on the floor, or even a night filled with waking children - nothing too bad, but something that is typical of taking care of three kids all day. Once again - nothing. Yeah, sure he didn't have to host any play dates, run to the grocery store for milk, bake three dozen cookies for a school event, trim fingernails, or mend a pair of pants, but still he did an amazing job.

Not only did he succeed at being Mr. Mom for three days, but I drove up to find this waiting for me:

All three of the kids colored in the letters and then he strung them up on the gate with our chili pepper lights. I loved it, but, just between you and me, there was a small part of me that wished they'd spilled the paint.


Leeann said...

Love, love, love this entry.
First of all, I totally get and relate to what you are saying. It would be nice if they had just a "tinge of suffering", just so they can lay at our feet and worship us when we come back. lol
The nice thing is, even without the angst, you were properly idolized when you got home, with the cutest dang display I have ever seen.
A husband and kids who love you like that? You must be one special woman!
So glad you had a nice trip.

restyled home said...

Doesn't this always happen?!! It's so unfair really...they don't have to manage the doctor's appointments, ironing, baking, even real cleaning. My husband has done a good job when I have gone away, but the effort I put into making things easy for them, all before I leave, is unbelievable. And I don't think they see that. I certainly don't return to the house in the condition I'd like it, but I don't dare say anything, for fear of seeming ungrateful for the "break". The praise my husband gets for this from his mother alone would sicken you...
Yep, I'm always happy that the kids were happy, but couldn't our hubbies suffer even a little bit...??!!!

About Us said...

Ohh, what a sweet guy you have there! How tender! I can totally relate. I was LOL reading the whole thing because I know exactly how you feel. From his sign, you can see how even without a little bump while you were gone just how much he appreciates you and all the amazing work you do.