Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm It - I've Been Tagged


Cammy from freckledfarm tagged me. I guess this is my newbie initiation - how fun! I must admit am a bit leery of giving 8 bits of factual random information about myself. Read on and you'll see why:

  1. I am redhead with 3 children - none of which have red hair. Bummer.

  2. I am a flurrier (i.e. a compulsive clutter picker-upper). We can be running late and I will have to put the glasses in the dishwasher, pick up the toys, stack up the magazines, etc. before I can leave. Inevitably, in my flurry, I stash something and walk around in circles for days looking for it. See number 3.

  3. I will search for lost items until I find them or am forced to declare they no longer exist. Unfortunately, I do misplace a lot of things especially keys. Keys are a problem. So if you ever see a redheaded woman walking around talking to herself, just go about your business - she is looking for something.

  4. I love both chocolate and coffee and have both every day, but never in the same bite or sip. I don't think those two ingredients should ever be combined. Yes, I'm a Mocha hater and I'm not ashamed to say it.

  5. I don't like the word "panties" - how is that for random? Thought I would throw that one in the middle to see if you were really reading this. It is true though - I just don't like that word.

  6. I don't like people walking up stairs behind me; it gives me the creeps and I have to run.

  7. Before my life as a mom began, I worked as a forensic accountant (I am not a CPA, my major was Business and my minor was in Art). That's when I really learned that I like to be in charge. How is that for honesty?

  8. I met my husband when I was 17, a freshman in college - he married me anyway.
Well, I hope you will all still be my blog friends now that you know how strange I really am. See why I was worried?

The rules are that I am now supposed to tag 8 people, but how about 6? Ladies, consider yourselves tagged (play if you like, post your responses on your blog and tag (?) more):

Katie at MKHKK
Linda at Restyled Home
Marianna at Cardinal Acre
Stephanie at GreenieGardens


Leeann said...

ROFL! I burst out laughing at the panties one and the stairs one. I have never liked the word panties either and thought it was just me. lol Nope, in this house EVERYONE wears underwear.

Okay, I'm gonna play! I'll put it on my blog, is that how I do it?
Thanks! Aw, my first tag!

Trudi M said...

Love your list and I so agree about coffee and chocolate. Love both, Love them, but don't combine them! Come by and see my list, *smile*

Splaneyo said...

Glad I am not alone with some of these things!


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Oh, I'm a flurrier too! I just didn't know there was a name for it!

restyled home said...

Hah!! We ARE so alike. I don't call my underwear panties either...seems so juvenile. When I was a girl, we called them knickers (the British term), but I used to get embarrassed when Mum would call them that around my friends. I agree about the coffee, except I take it a step further. I don't eat dessert with coffee. To me, it is dessert. But if I have tea, then watch out!! Bring on the sweets!!
Oh yeah, I met my husband when I was 17 as well; he was 21!! AND...I make it my personal challenge to find anything that goes missing. Very rarely does anything get lost in my house that can't be found. I did lose two great pineapple cabinet knobs a few years ago, and it eats at me. I still look!!!
Weird coincidences!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

panties, panties, panties! :)