Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Mu$h Did You Blow Up?

Oh how boys love to blow things up! With Laney tucked sweetly in her bed, the boys headed outside to watch some sparks fly. As you can see, we added to the 2007 profit margin of the firework tent guy who, apparently, likes to blow things up too - firework guy was actually smoking near his arsenal. Go figure.





restyled home said...

You sure were brave to get so close to those fireworks. My husband and his best friend put off fireworks in our backyard and hit the neighbours window!! From there on out we called them "dumb and dumber"!!

Splaneyo said...


Not so brave, just a big lens! I am a chicken a heart.


Leeann said...

ROFLMAO!! Whenever I see people doing something like that firework tent guy smoking, I start in on my "that's why we go to college" litany. My kids know it by heart. lol
I'll say sure to your linking suggestion but now that I've said that, what does it mean? ;-)
Tell me what to do, oh creative one!

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

We didn't even buy fireworks and I realized that we haven't bought any in 7 years. We did see some displays though. I think next year we will break down and buy some of our own.