Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No First Aid Necessary

The fireflies are out here and as a "treat" the boys got to stay up late to see them (it doesn't get dark until about 9pm). I am not sure if they were more excited about running around pretending to be nocturnal creatures, or actually seeing the fireflies. Maybe the excitement came from watching their mother run around the yard like a lunatic trying to take photos of fireflies lighting up - not sure? For some reason, the fireflies kept landing on Spencer and when Owen was finally able to get one to land on him, he said, "Mama, one lighted up on me and I didn't even get burned!" Man I love three year olds.


About Us said...

There is magic in those fireflies. I just love what comes out of the mouth's of babes.

Splaneyo said...


So literal aren't they! Too cute.


cammyk said...


This is such a precious photo.