Thursday, June 28, 2007

If The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon We'd Be in Trouble

After reading a lovely post on plates at The Cottage Nest, I realized just how much wall space we have devoted to plates. We have a lot of plates. We've got old ones, new ones, blue and white ones, we've got them over windows, under windows and all around. Have a look:

IMG_5135 IMG_5137


IMG_5130 IMG_5131


IMG_5128 IMG_5126




See, our walls would be bare without them.


restyled home said...

What a beautiful collection you have! Not to mention your home looks absolutely gorgeous, too!
I was particularily struck by that great green colour. Do you remember what it is called?
I look forward to seeing more pics of your lovely home...


Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Well done! I love them all. I'm very partial to blue and white. I love your displays and vignettes. Girl, you've got the touch! I guess I should show and tell my collection of plates too. I'll do that soon!

Leeann said...

You know, I know I am craft and decoratively challenged, but it has never occurred to me to decorate with plates. I must say, it is beautiful!

Marianna said...

Lovely little vignettes! I love plates. My favorites are delicate floral china ones.

Trudi M said...

I wasn't into plate and then all of a sudden, they are in my kitchen, found some of my grandmothers and have them in my bedroom... My collection is growing and I love how your's look.
Very pretty.

onelittlemustardseed said...

I love dishes...I have even tried to edit my collection...but I can't. I used to hang them on the walls when I lived in old brownstones many moons ago...I should do it again! Loved your decor!

cammyk said...

I love your plate collection. I too have plates on many of my walls. Although, my Sweetie put his foot down and said "no" when I wanted to put them on the wall in the powder room. Makes perfect sense to me to have plates on a powder room wall!